Link Roundup 7-14-13

Toy Story
Toy Story (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A little extra reading to scratch those scientific and writing-related itches. Which are totally not deadly symptoms. I checked WebMD; we’re good.

From ScienceDaily: Some exciting new research proposes to starve out cancer cells while keeping the other cells in your body well-fed. It’s sort of a reverse-angiogenesis from what I understand.

It’s Okay to Be Smart posted this stunning video of a super-slow-motion lightning strike via National Geographic. Things are back to normal at my house post-lightning strike, although some of our neighbors in the surrounding townhouses haven’t fared so well. I also saw an exploded tree on my running route the next day. Will try to snap a picture of it for you if it hasn’t been cleaned up just yet.

John Negroni proposes a Universal Theory of Pixar that ties together all their movies. I love Pixar because almost all their movies are such stellar examples of good storytelling. I’ve taken quite a bit of inspiration from this list of Pixar’s 22 Rules of Storytelling, particularly #19: “Coincidences to get characters into trouble are great; coincidences to get them out of it are cheating.”

Slate brings us a physician’s meditations on blood transfusions and how an unusual example of interfaith cooperation could save lives. I was personally very moved by Dr. Karkowsky’s article, and it gave me an idea for a sci-fi story. Inspiration’s such a random beast, eh?

Eric Alagan of Written Words Never Die provided a whole gallery of flash fiction on the theme of vampires generated by people around the blogosphere, which I highly recommend.

Since I spent 14 hours on the road, I listened to a LOT of old Drabblecast episodes as I continue to work my way through the archives. Therefore my list of best podcasts is exclusively Drabblecast this week — not that that’s a bad thing!

  • Drabblecast 288 – “Bayou Witch”: If you want a good introduction to this podcast, this would not be a bad place to start. The main story has a medical theme that I won’t spoil here. Also, the episode opens with my first-ever credited, published work of fiction, which made this a week to remember for me.
  • Drabblecast 058 – “Eggs”: Hilarious, gross, and all about helminthiasis, or parasitic worms. This is the definition of a terrible day in my book.
  • Drabblecast 069 – “The Storyteller”: a tale by the classic author Saki. I think this story had some profound things to say about good storytelling, and the tension between entertaining an audience and communicating a certain message.
  • Drabblecast 055 – “Circe’s”: Do you like truly surreal stories? Then check this one out. I found it especially memorable because of the great production values and fantastic sound effects/music.
  • Drabblecast 052 – “Sleep Age”: Thought-provoking sci-fi that also explores the problem of economic bubbles and fuel efficiency, all tied to the concept of sleeping for a living. The original song at the end of the episode might just be better than the episode itself.

That’s it for this week! What’s happening on your blogs? What caught your eye around the internet this week?

2 thoughts on “Link Roundup 7-14-13

  1. Thank you Rachael,

    For mentioning the Vampire Gallery here. Yes, we did receive an exceptional number of quality contributions in prose and verse.

    All good wishes,

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