Friday Fictioneers: Thunderheads


“What do you see?”

Cumulonimbus capillatus. Thunderheads.”

“That’s not what I meant. Be creative. Ducks, castles, that kind of thing.”

“Please explain, sir.”

“You’re supposed to invent things. Their children imagine shapes in the clouds that resemble objects or animals. It’s a game. I’ll demonstrate. See that bulge over there?”

“Yes, sir.”

“It looks like a flying saucer.”

“It is a flying saucer, sir. That’s our ship.”

The commander sighed. “You’re right. I struggle with the local customs too.”



“It’s a shame, isn’t it? What we’re about to do?”

“Exterminating them? If it bothers you, pretend they’re ducks.”

Today’s post was written for Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’s weekly “Friday Fictioneers” flash fiction event. The challenge is to write a 100-word story based off of a photo prompt. I hope you enjoy! I always love receiving constructive criticism, so feel free to let me know what you think.

32 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Thunderheads

  1. Haha! I loved the last line! Great little twist on this view and especially apt, given Doug is our last line of defence against alien attack in his day job…

  2. Well done! I laughed out loud in the end. I love that the dialog is so innocent and cute then we learn their intent. Excellent work.


    1. Thank you so much! I was pretty happy with how this one turned out. Sometimes I really struggle to crank out 100 words, but for some reason, this one just came out in a few minutes. What’s up with that?! I think my brain’s wired funny.

  3. I hope somebody saves the day! normally “adorable story” and “of our imminent destruction” would never go together but in this case they do!

    1. HA!! I’m digging “adorable” and “destructive”. Humor and horror go well together on those rare occasions I can pull it off. 🙂

  4. A great story – fabulous idea – especially the reveal of the twist – it is only close to the end we realise what they are and then, double wham! What they are about to do! Genius!

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