Motley Microfiction: Around the World

Around the World

Too late. The world’s best scientists missed the asteroid barreling towards the Earth.

You got your typical panic, of course: rioting, looting, debauchery. Then at the last minute, a miracle: it whiffed past the atmosphere, causing nothing more than massive worldwide flooding. The planet rejoiced.

But just as reconstruction began, the same asteroid was spotted catapulting back from whence it came! The wailing masses packed into churches, synagogues, mosques, and temples to pray for deliverance.

Inexplicably, the asteroid jerked to a stop, rolled 20,000 miles sideways, and zipped sunwards.

Satisfied, God pocketed his yo-yo. Such piety could last millennia.


View from one end of Eros across the gouge on ...
Perhaps this asteroid’s behavior isn’t as random as we thought! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After such a heavy post yesterday, I decided we needed something playful today! This story came out of a long drive with Jason last week. On Jason’s blog, the end of the world’s turned into an ongoing theme in his series about movies, mainly because we’ve indulged in a months-long movie fest we fondly call the “Summer of Sci-Fi”. I’ve touched on apocalypse scenarios a couple of times as well.

This is my take on a supernatural asteroid apocalypse resulting from divine yo-yo usage. I had fun trying to describe how different yo-yo tricks would look from the poor people of Earth. Did you recognize any of them?

Bill Nye recently released a fun talk about what Earth could do if an actual asteroid were on a collision course with us. Check it out! It’s been delightfully animated, and it involves “laser bees”, which might just be the best thing ever.

What’s your favorite apocalypse scenario, in a book or movie or otherwise? Writers, have you ever written your own apocalypse?


7 thoughts on “Motley Microfiction: Around the World

    1. Oh, yikes!! I have recurring dreams about zombies. I can’t say I’ve ever dreamed about radiation though! Your dream sounds like it would make an excellent story. You should write about it!

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