My First Podcast!

The logo used by Apple to represent Podcasting
Podcasting: it makes your head turn purple and shoot out beams of light. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here’s something fun for your Monday: I recorded my first podcast for the Dribblecast, the fan podcast of the Drabblecast. That means if you go to this link, you can hear me read “Funeral on the Ocean Floor,” a short story written by my husband Jason. You can also download it for free on iTunes on the Dribblecast’s podcast channel.

I had a blast producing this one, as I have zero experience doing any sort of recording or audio editing. Through a huge coincidence, I got to use professional-grade equipment to record and edit the track. I’m especially proud of the background music, as I pieced it together myself from audio loops – look at me get technologically advanced, hey! Special thanks to the random guy who quite cheerfully spent an hour of his time teaching me how to use the software and hardware, and to Tom Baker for uploading the episode for me (twice).

Anyway, give it a listen if you have a few minutes, and let me know what you think! Happy Monday, friends!

6 thoughts on “My First Podcast!

    1. Thanks for listening, Taylor! I love this story too – one of my favorites that Jason wrote. Was really nice of him to donate it as my podcast “guinea pig” this time around! πŸ˜›

    1. Gosh, thanks so much for listening! It did take a little bit of guidance, but recording the podcast was easier than I expected. It still took something like 2 hours just because I had to learn how to use all the tools. So much fun, though!

    1. It was such a blast, Eric! I’d love to hear you read one of your works one of these days, if you decide to give it a shot. πŸ™‚ Also, good job noticing the waves!

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