A Christmas Elegy: Advent Ghosts 2013

“A Christmas Elegy”

A funeral on Christmas Eve will forever haunt you.

Your uncle’s eyes closed now and forever. Those hands, which once shaped shadows with his ghost stories and supported you like a crutch, folded upon a lifeless breast.

Before you fall asleep exhausted by weeping, you’ll find yourself longing for ghosts. Haunt me, you pray. Terrify me, convict me, but don’t leave me alone.

When the clock strikes one, the spirit will visit: your merry uncle, Christmas personified, reborn once a year on the day he loved best.

Tiny no longer, you climb upon his lap for one more ghost story.



This story was written as part of Loren Eaton’s “Advent Ghosts 2013” shared storytelling event! Check out Loren’s site for other great ghost stories written around a holiday theme, going live all over the blogosphere today. Make sure to check back often as he’ll be adding contributions as they come in.

Can you write a 100-word ghost story?

17 thoughts on “A Christmas Elegy: Advent Ghosts 2013

  1. Oh, this is great. The tone is perfect. I lost my father right before Christmas a few years ago, and someone I know is about to lose his wife to cancer this year. You nailed it, Rachael.

    1. Many thanks, Loren. I’m very sorry for your loss, and apologies for this embarrassingly late reply. Ironically, we had a death in the family last week, so it’s bogged down my blog upkeep and correspondence! Hope you have a happy New Year.

    1. Many thanks for stopping by and reading! I like to think there’s more than one reason a person could be haunted, and there are some ghosts I’d love to see.

  2. Ghosts dont’ have to be scary do they? A loving plea to be haunted — a heartbreaking thought. This one really moved me. I’m getting misty eyed right now remembering so many people I loved now long gone. Thank you for this beautiful vignette.

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