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An open letter to all the other writers who, like me, panic at midnight about being failures

Some gorgeous thoughts from Sunny Moraine on the insecurities all writers (and really, all creative types) experience from time to time. I’m saving this for those days when the ol’ Imposter Syndrome flares up. Go read the whole thing!

A Trick of Light


The first thing you need to do is breathe.

Really, do that. Sit where you are and pull air into your lungs. Feel your body extracting what it needs and expelling the rest. Feel your blood collect it and carry it to all the other parts of you. Feel your pulse, feel the beat of your heart. Feel the firing of your synapses, if you can. Imagine all those little lightning flickers, and then imagine your brain lit up in brilliant rainbow colors as it goes about the endless process of making you who you are.

Reflect on how the myth that we only use ten percent of our brains is just that: a myth. Reflect on how you’re using most of your brain in some way most of the time. You are not a waste. You are not wasted. No part of you will ever be wasted. When you…

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