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Awards Eligible in 2015

I’ve not had much time for blogging this year (hopefully I can change that in 2016!), but I wanted to take a moment and round up my 2015 publications in time for awards season. It’s also a great time to sit back and reflect on 2015, and see what it brought me.

Overall, it ended up being a great second year. I received 16 acceptances, and published 7 new stories. Going into 2016, so far I’ve got 5 original stories slated to appear at various zines.

My reprints appeared in many of my favorite audio venues, including PodCastle, the Drabblecast, and Cast of Wonders, as well as Fantastic Stories of the Imagination, Flametree Press’s Science Fiction Stories. In December, I’ll have a story in the Long List Anthology.

I won 2nd place in Writers of the Future’s first quarter, and my story “Makeisha In Time” was named Notable in Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2015. Finally, the PodCastle audio production of “Makeisha In Time” was chosen from a pool of 6,000 recommended podcasts to be featured on NPR’s new guide to podcasts.

Since this is my second year publishing, it’s my final year for Campbell Award eligibility. If you’ve enjoyed my work over the last two years, please consider nominating me.

Finally, back in April I became co-editor of PodCastle, along with Graeme Dunlop. This makes us eligible for the Best Editor, Short Form category of the Hugos. Our wonderful predecessors, Dave Thompson and Anna Schwind, are also eligible for that category for their work editing PodCastle January through April. PodCastle itself is eligible for Best Fancast this year. At the year’s end, we’ll also put out a list of individual stories that ran on PodCastle that are awards-eligible.

What were your favorite stories of 2015? What should I read for my own ballot? Feel free to recommend your own work! I’ll be nominating for both the Hugo and Nebula this year, and would love any recommendations you can send my way.

Original Short Stories Published in 2015:

  • “Who Binds and Looses the World With Her Hands” – PodCastle (February 2015) {text | audio}
    • Featured for Escape Artists’ Artemis Rising event
  • “Traveling Mercies” – Strange Horizons (February 2015) {text | audio}
  • “Voidrunner” – Daily Science Fiction (June 2015) {text}
  • “Courting the Silent Sun” – Accessing the Future Anthology (July 2015) {print | ebook} (contact me for a review copy if you’re nominating)
  • “The Law of the Conservation of Hair” – Shimmer (September 2015) {ezine}
  • “The 1st Annual Lunar Biathlon” – Crossed Genres (October 2015) {text}
  • “St. Roomba’s Gospel” – December, Diabolical Plots {text | audio}

Additionally, I also published an original poem in 2015 as part of Stone Telling’s Joke issue:

  • “Do Mermippos Dream of Electric Sharks?” – Stone Telling (April 2015) {text | audio}