Advent Ghosts 2015: Their Painted Eyes

Every year, my friend Loren Eaton invites writers and bloggers to write a creepy 100-word story in December, which we post to our blogs on the same day. It’s a nod to the old tradition of people passing the winter dark telling scary tales by firelight. This is my third year participating, and it’s a tradition I’ve come to look forward to. Many thanks, Loren, for putting this together every year!

My 2015 story is presented below. If you’d like to read the other stories written for this year’s event, click on over here and enjoy the ghostly goodness. You can also read my 2013 and 2014 Advent Ghosts stories by clicking on the hyperlinks. Hope you enjoy!

Their Painted Eyes
by Rachael K. Jones

When rigor mortis sets in, you envy the dolls the most. The lolling, cackling nutcracker. The slow blinking baby doll with the swiveling neck. The X-men action figures with sixteen poseable joints fill you with incoherent rage.

Outside the icy windows, carolers crunch snow up your driveway, rap on the door, and begin to sing. The tree’s twinkling lights paint your cooling flesh in glittering white. The crimson tree skirt shows no blood.

As you lie prone with your frozen dead joints, the little tin soldier with his little tin musket that shoots real bullets raises his arm, and salutes.


Photo credit: Wikipedia

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