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A Chatter of Stories: March Publications

You ever have that dream where you wake up and your stories are suddenly everywhere? Boiling out of the closets like talkative tribbles, filling up the driveway, crunching under your tires as you go for a run? Is there a word for a cluster of newly published stories? A chatter?

Uhhh… anyway, I have four new publications out this week. Just in time for Spring Break over here in graduate student land! So if you’re looking for something fun to read or listen to, consider checking them out and supporting these wonderful publishers. Three of them appear at Escape Artists, which is pretty neat. My publication at PseudoPod is extra-special to me because I’ve now had a story at each Escape Artists podcast, which gets you bragging rights on their Wikia page. That’s also a square on my Writing Bingo Card, so hooray for celebrating the small victories!

Jonathan’s Heaven Has Many Cats (Lackington’s Magazine)

What do you do when you’ve been created to play a background role in someone else’s heaven? This tale of privilege, defaults, and cats features the problem of Jonathan, a man who created a world in his own image and now can’t understand why nobody else agrees his world is pretty great. But his creations have different ideas of what their cosmos should be when they die and gain the power to create their own worlds and heavens.

More Than Machines Will Fall to Rust (Cast of Wonders)

I wrote this story for the Cast of Wonders forum flash contest, where all stories were entered anonymously and voted upon by the forum members. It’s the first time I’ve managed to place in one of these contests after years of entering!

…And I’ve got not one but TWO stories you can read/hear over at the annual Escape Artists Artemis Rising special, which showcases work by women and non-binary writers:

Home is a House that Loves You (PodCastle, Artemis Rising III)

A tale of war and xenophobia in a city that grows and dies with its inhabitants. I originally wrote this as a flash piece for a writing contest. It took me nearly two years to polish it into the piece it became. Like the characters in my story, its maturity took time. I’m immensely proud of it. It’s (sadly) more relevant than ever in times like these.

When First He Laid Eyes (reprint) (PseudoPod, Artemis Rising III)

Originally at Fireside Magazine, PseudoPod brings this flash piece to your earbuds in time for Artemis Rising. Content warning for stalking and violence against women–this is one of the darkest stories I’ve ever written.