A listing of my published short fiction, most recent listed first.


The Innsmouth of the South

  • The Cackle of Cthulhu (reprint, forthcoming) {ebook | print}

Hakim Vs. The Sweater Curse

  • Diabolical Plots (original, forthcoming, December 2017) {text}

Photon Girl Ascending

  • Fantasy Scroll Magazine (reprint, forthcoming) {text}


Home is a House That Loves You

You had to be careful when you traveled abroad, because if they found out you were Aurora-born, the wrong people might force you to take root, your body used for a stranger’s gain, and you helpless to stop it. And if your family somehow found out, what could they do? At that point, it was only the priest and the bulldozer, or else leave you forever in a strange city, alone among silent buildings that had no memory of birthday cake, or french kissing, or the taste of strawberry wine.

  • PodCastle, Artemis Rising III feature (March 2017) {audio | text}

Salted Tongues and Salted Lashes

I unfolded the photograph again. It was, of course, a photo of Tad, face aged by crisscrossed folds. Tad in that dumb sweater that fit all wrong and the knobbly hat with the ear flaps, with that stupid, sincere smile that you had to love, because it loved you back so purely.

Who would ever hire me to Doom such a man? Who would dare?

Jonathan’s Heaven Has Many Cats

These are the things I know about Jonathan: he is a white man. Scotch-Irish on his father’s side, and Danish on his mother’s. He is American, born and raised in Dayton, Ohio with one younger brother and three cats. He speaks standard English with a Midwestern accent. He is 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs 154 pounds, the anatomical standard for men. This is no coincidence, because Jonathan created the world in his image. He was 81 years old when he passed away, but since he died and became my god, he looks 22. And he is directly responsible for my death.

  • Lackington’s (February 2017) {e-zine}

All the Rarest Beasts On Earth

At 82 kilograms, the tiger is just an adolescent. Its pelt alternates spotted burnt orange with black stripes, like the tiger tried out being a cheetah before settling on this nature. It’s a Bali tiger, a rare creature, so rare nobody has seen one alive since 1963. I am the only one on Earth who knows it yet lives.

  • Daily Science Fiction (February 2017) {text}

More Than Machines Will Fall to Rust

Did you think I forgot about you? That all my emails were sent from pity? I flew to your doorstep and knocked so many times, but you never answered, though I could see the heat of you through the door with my infrared vision.

  • Cast of Wonders (February 2017) {text | audio}

The Innsmouth of the South

When your boss dies from Necronomicon-related causes at a Lovecraft theme park, it’s hard to decide whether you should return to clean out your locker in the morning, or just sleep in and update your resume.

This Story Begins With You

You found the library by accident. You were supposed to go to the gym, but you didn’t know the way, and the door looked so inviting, covered in twining leaves, with a big gold handle clenched in a lion’s jaw. Inside, a different kind of silence. Not whispered gossip, or the absence of a best friend’s laugh, but a chapel-washed peace, a squire’s midnight vigil at the shrine of a nameless saint. You took in high ceilings and long slanted windows that poured in sunlight in golden gulps.

  • Cast of Wonders (November 2016) {audio | text}

Houston, Houston, Do You Read James Tiptree?

“The Martian Chronicles Ray Bradbury,” she said after some thought. “Non-fiction. An alien visits Earth to write the definitive intergalactic biography of the science-fiction master.” Hugh had taught her to play this game. You mashed up a novel title with its author, then invented a short synopsis.

  • Nature (September 2016) {text}

The Night Bazaar for Women Becoming Reptiles

One, two, three eggs into her mouth, one sharp bite, and the clear, viscous glair ran down her throat. The shells were tougher than she expected. They tasted tart, like spoiled goat’s milk. She waited for the change, but the sun crawled higher and nothing happened.

The Raptor Snatchers

We got a lot of stray raptors in Absence. They were indigenous–that means they were from around here, even before the first settlers, and that’s how they saved the lives of Mae Beth Harris and Old Jim the Presbyterian and the rest, because otherwise the Founders were going to eat each other. I asked my teacher if people are carnivores too, and he said yes, except there’s another word for it when it’s people eating people, but I forgot the word.

  • Intergalactic Medicine Show (June 2016) {text | audio}

Dinosaur Dreams In Infinite Measure

Mom had hands like dinosaur bones: fragile at a glance, but old and strong, hardened by time and pressure. Fossils endure. My mother had endured 80 years already, through disease and bereavement, through a long career ended in humiliation and disgrace, and now this final insult: her own daughter demanding she leave it all behind, the house and farm and everything in it.

The Fall Shall Further the Flight In Me

One evening, as I peeled rose stems from my stinging legs, I looked up at the darkling sky and saw a dazzling thing, neither bird nor saint, plummeting toward my garden.

When Lydia Becomes a Dinosaur

The truth is, try as we might to fight it, some little girls will grow up to be dinosaurs. Denying it doesn’t make it any easier, but still. It’s hard.

  • Daily Science Fiction (April 2016) {text}

Indigo Blue

Nobody knew anticipation like those with tickets to Indigo. It was a bet you made with yourself that you would still want to go when the next pass happened, that you wouldn’t be in love or pregnant or dead from alcohol poisoning. It was self-predestination.

  • Shimmer (March 2016) {text | ezine}

Charlotte Incorporated

They don’t make puddle-stomping apps or mud pie-tasting apps. No one writes programs that let you run with a grocery cart down the cereal aisle, then coast on the back axle until you hit the shelf. You can download any number of romance sims, but there’s no sim for chasing encyclopedia salesmen off your doorstep with a sword made of skinny green balloons.

  • Lightspeed Magazine (February 2016) {text|audio}
  • io9 (February 2016) {text}
  • Great Jones Street (2016) {app}

Love Letters on the Nightmare Sea

After the wreck, I searched your papers, page after page of careful pencil sketches that took you away from me years ago. Notebooks crammed with radial starburst shapes–primitive cnidarians, hydrae and jellyfish and medusae in flowing tentacled skirts, their snapping purple beaks tucked beneath. But I did not find what stung you.

  • Flash Fiction Online (February 2016) {text}
  • PodCastle (reprint, October 2016) {audio}

When First He Laid Eyes

A girl’s first stalker is always a cause for celebration.

  • Fireside Magazine (February 2016) {text}
  • PseudoPod, Artemis Rising III feature (reprint, March 2017) {audio}

St. Roomba’s Gospel

In an outlet behind the altar of the First Baptist Church, the Roomba’s red glowing eyes blink in time with Pastor Smythe’s exhortations.

  • Diabolical Plots (December 2015) {text}
  • Mysterion Anthology (reprint, July 2016) {print|ebook}

The 1st Annual Lunar Biathlon

No one signed up for the Lunar Biathlon without understanding that once you get here, you either finished the race or died.

  • Crossed Genres (October 2015) {text}

The Law of the Conservation of Hair

That it has long been our joke that our hair lengths are inversely proportional, and cannot exceed the same cumulative mass it possessed on the day we met;

  • Shimmer (September 2015) {ezine}
  • Toasted Cake (May 2016) {audio}

Courting the Silent Sun

Hearing people are like that. They hold their words like drinks in long-stemmed glasses, offered and snatched back after one sip.


My heaven was a road without end, racing into a sunset I could never chase down, breath synced with heartbeat. LaToya, though, longed to leave gravity behind altogether, to bound up the horizon and rest her heels on the sun.

  • Daily Science Fiction (June 2015) {text}

Do Mermippos Dream of Electric Sharks?

Who Binds and Looses the World With Her Hands

On days when Selene locked me in the lighthouse, an old familiar darkness would well up within me, itching my skin like it had shrunk too tight to contain my anger any longer.

  • PodCastle (February 2015) {text | audio}
  • Nightmare Magazine (reprint, September 2016) {text}

Traveling Mercies

In the old stories, strangers at the door could be disguised gods, so you had to invite them in. It was a sin to turn away a guest.

  • Strange Horizons (February 2015) {text | audio}

Nine-Lived Wonders

Nothing seems too scary, even death, because nine-lived Cats can’t die — not really. My dad said so, and my dad never lies.

  • Drabblecast (December 2014) {text | audio}
  • Fantastic Stories of the Imagination (reprint, February 2015) {text}

The Mercy of Theseus

His bionics were top notch–the Army had to put you together again before they could legally discharge you–but you could still see where the silicone skin ended and his real face began.

Wine for Witches, Milk for Saints

Milk and cookies for Father Christmas, but a nice red wine for Befana.

  • Intergalactic Medicine Show (Nov 2014) {e-zine}
  • Cast of Wonders (reprint, December 2015) {audio}

Days of Rain

When the wind smelled savory and the clouds looked like burnished gold, Mom would round up all the pots, pans, buckets, and basins in the house and send us outside to tuck them beneath the rain gutters ahead of the chicken soup rain.

Makeisha In Time

Makeisha has always been able to bend the fourth dimension, though no one believes her. She has been a soldier, a sheriff, a pilot, a prophet, a poet, a ninja, a nun, a conductor (of trains and symphonies), a cordwainer, a comedian, a carpetbagger, a troubadour, a queen, and a receptionist.

  • Crossed Genres Issue #20 (August 2014) [text]
  • PodCastle (reprint, January 2015) {audio}
  • Cast of Wonders (reprint, August 2015) {audio}
  • Science Fiction Short Stories (reprint, Flame Tree Press, September 2015) {anthology}
  • The Long List Anthology (reprint, December 2015) {ebook | print | audiobook}
  • Visionarium (reprint, German translation, March 2016) {e-zine}
  • Bli-Panika (reprint, Hebrew translation, April 2016) {text}
  • Great Jones Street (2016) {app}

Ten Wretched Things About Influenza Siderius

Influenza siderius begins as a general malaise. That is always the first symptom.

  • Daily Science Fiction (July 2014) [text]
  • Drabblecast (reprint, May 2015) {audio}


For these children, there has never been a world without dinosaurs.

  • Crossed Genres Issue # 19, July 2014 [text]
  • Drabblecast (reprint, May 2015) {audio}
  • Flash Fiction Online (reprint, July 2016) {text}
  • (reprint, January 2017) {audio}

Photon Girl Ascending

In the full flush of my power, radiant with the sun’s heat, no one could bear my touch save the devil himself.

  • Penumbra eMag Vol 3 Issue 8, May 2014 {out of print}
  • Fantasy Scroll Magazine (reprint, forthcoming 2016) {text}

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